Advanced Systems Technologies, Inc., (ASTI) designs and fabricates process control systems, specializing in industrial gas handling, blending, generating and purifying systems. ASTI's mission is to provide at reasonable prices, high quality engineering design services and fabricated systems to industrial gas manufacturers and end users throughout the world. ASTI can enter a project at any point: from complete, turnkey systems, specification through fabrication, installation and startup, to simple fabrication from customer supplied prints and specifications. Call or e-mail us at


Engineering Services
–  Complete Process Control System     Design & Instrumentation Specification
–  Customized Computer & PLC Software
–  Process Modeling - Productivity &     Efficiency Optimization
–  Vendor Coordination
–  Computerized Inventory Control &     Purchasing
–  Technician & Customer Training

Technical Writing
–  Operating & Instruction Manuals
–  Systems Descriptions/Proposals
–  Planned Maintenance Procedures
–  Assembly/Disassembly Instructions
–  WordPerfect, DisplayWrite, MS Word
    7.0 MS Office, Publishing Processing

Drafting Design & Graphics Services
–  Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
–  Electrical Ladder & Loop Drawings
–  Mechanical Assemblies and Detailing
–  Piping Assemblies and System
–  Autocad Drafting Stations, R.13 &
–  Scanner Graphics Import, Editing, &
   File Conversion Packages
–  HP350C Plotter, Laserjet, Deskjet &
   Dot Matrix Printing

–  15000 sq. ft. Inventory & Fabrication
    area, including 700 sq. ft. Class 10000
    Clean Area
–  Machine Shop Capabilities
–  Welding - SMAW, MIG, TIG; ASME
    certified welders
–  System Assembly and Testing of
    Prototype Units and Production Runs

Gas Blending
–  Heat Treating Atmospheres
–  Aluminum De-gassing (Fluxing)
–  Welding Mixtures
–  Incandescent Lamp Manufacturing
–  Synthetic Fuel Generation
–  Specialty Gas Blending

Gas Generation/Purification
–  Non-Cryogenic Nitrogen & Oxygen
–  Cryogenic Methane Purification
–  Welding Mixtures
–  Deoxgeneration Systems
–  Hydrogen Removal in Recycled
    Synthetic Atmospheres
–  Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Combustion Applications
–  Oxygen-Natural Gas Burner Control
–  Oxygen-Oil Burner Control Systems

Oxygen Enrichment
–  Cupola
–  Line Kiln
–  Brick Kiln
–  Black Liquor Oxidation
–  Alkali Extraction
–  In-Situ Combustion
–  Sulfur Recovery

Cryogenic Applications
–  Computer Controlled Systems for
    Air Separation Units
–  Die Cooling
–  Gas Purification
–  Grinding Operations
–  Concrete & Castings Cooling
–  Liquid Argon Level Control

Inert Gas Controls
–  Silo Inerting
–  Magnesium Blanketing