Blow Molding Applications

From 1986 through 1991, Advanced Systems Technologies, Inc., was the sole manufacturer of a major industrial gas company's equipment line for the mixing and control of gas blends for specialized blow molded products. These systems are TIG welded, stainless steel construction, and are required to be as clean as systems for oxygen service.

The gas blend used in this blow molding application produces a molecular barrier on the inside of the molded part, allowing a plastic container to store lighter fluid, gasoline, and other fluids that normally pass through the wall of a closed container blown with air.

Proper sizing of the gas blending system allows it to supply a constant composition of mixed gas to several blow molding machines simultaneously.


   Customization, Production, and Quality Control

ASTI can enter a project at any point. For the unit shown at the right, ASTI received only a flowsheet. ASTI completed the system design, specified components, developed the piping layout and enclosure I/O drawings, fabricated, pressure and electrically checked for oxygen service.
The units shown are isolation panels for a large blow molding machine that manufactures gasoline tanks for a popular U.S. automobile. These units were first shipped to Germany for fitting with the blow molding machine, then returned to the fabrication facility in the USA.