Combustion Applications

Complete oxy-fuel control systems, designed and fabricated by ASTI, have been shipped to Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, and throughout the united States. Single or multiple burner piping skids can be provided separately and operator interfaces, or integrated into one skid, depending on customer requirements.

ASTI has integrated its oxy-fuel burner control systems with glass furnaces, rotary furnaces and electric arc furnaces. Of particular mention is one project requiring the collaborative effort of a major U.S. industrial gas manufacturer, an Italian furnace manufacturer, and ASTI. ASTI has fabricated multiple "standard" systems for its industrial gas manufacturing customers. U.S. patent #4,155,702 was granted to Keith A. Miller and ASTI's engineer Terry R. Schartel, P.E., while Mr. Schartel was employed by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., from 1975 to 1984.

Heat Treating Atmospheres

ASTI has designed and fabricated blending systems meeting NFPA standards for end users as well as major gas suppliers. Systems are tailored specifically to customers' composition, pressure, flow rate and operator interface requirements.

For our major industrial gas manufacturing customers, short production runs of "standardized" atmosphere panels have been repeatedly made to produce inventory for immediate delivery to end users. Nitrogen­methanol and hydrogen­nitrogen blending panels intended for use on single furnaces are examples of these.

Larger systems designed and fabricated by ASTI have provided annealing atmospheres to entire bays of furnaces. These units control delivery pressure as well as composition by either flow ratio or analyzer feed-back. Transfer between control modes is bumpless.