Non-Cryogenic Gas Generation

Several industrial gas manufacturers have benefitted from our design and drafting services for prototyping various sizes of industrial gas generation systems. We complement our engineering abilities with prototype and production fabrication of the systems we design. We also fabricate from customer-provided designs and drawings. A small nitrogen Pressure Swing Absorption system is shown. Nitrogen membrane systems for atmospheres in food transportation have been designed and prototyped. Larger generators have been modularized for ease or erection on site.

Less well known are chemical reaction type generators that utilize expendable cartridges. Chlorine Dioxide generators have been designed and fabricated for the patent holder in many styles, from manual laboratory models to PLC and PC controlled pilot plants for customer research and evaluation.

Non-Cryogenic Gas Purification

The Deoxygenation system shown removes oxygen from a PSA generated nitrogen stream by the addition of hydrogen gas. Product composition specifications can meet <1 ppm Oxygen by volume; excess hydrogen will vary in the 400 to 800 ppm range, depending upon the dynamic nature of the feed gas and the dynamic nature of the feed gas and varying customer demand for product.

The customer may specify the product dewpoint required, usually -40 Deg.F; systems have been manufactured to lower this to -100 Deg.F. Systems are designed to handle the maximum product flow rate from the generator. The unit shown has its own operator interface, a menu-driven touch screen display that handles system setup, maintenance, calibration and control. Other units have been designed to have the generator's operator interface handle these functions.