What's New

Fuel Gas Mixing System
Biogas/Natural Gas Blending System
Unit saves $100M per month in natural gas costs. The Biogas - Natural gas Blending System designed and fabricated by ASTI is PLC controlled with a touch-screen operator interface. Supplying enough mixed fuel to fire a steam boiler at 40MM BTU/hr., the system delivers mixed gases at a constant pressure and calorific value, and transits from light-off to high fire in just over 1 minute.

Automatic Hydrogen Tube Trailer/Cylinder Filling Control System
Assure safety in the filling process and automate the operation to free personnel, increasing productivity.

General Gas Blending Module
Automate for Safety; Increased Productivity, Accuracy, and Quality.
Gas Distributors can increase productivity and lower costs to prepare gas mixtures containing N2, CO2, Argon, or Helium using ASTI's PLC-controled General Gas Blending Module. Hardware consists of add-on valves, transmitters & control enclosure. The Operator Interface terminal and PLC may be used to control more than one blending station.

Nitrogen Conveying/Recycle System
Safely Convey Flammable Powders and Recycle Nitrogen Gas
ASTI has prepared for industrial use a system to safely convey aluminum powder using existing plant air and nitrogen gas. The mixed gases' oxygen composition is controlled to an operator-input set point. The nitrogen may be vaporized liquid from an existing bulk storage system, or ASTI can provide an on-site non-cryogenic nitrogen generator.

UHP Liquid Methane Production Facility
Pure Methane from Natural Gas Supply
ASTI has completed the design and costing work on a skidded facility to product 99.995% pure liquid methane from a natural gas feedstock. Feed rates are up to 1000 SCFH of natural gas.

Atmosphere Control System for Confined Spaces
Portable Unit makes Oxygen and remove CO, CO2 and Water Vapor
ASTI has design and fabricated a unitized prototype system to provide breathable atmospheres in confined volumes.

Oxygen PSA Backup System for Non-Cryogenic Generator
Eliminate product loss & save time when generators go offline
When a non-cryogenic atmosphere generator goes offline, a typical backup supply is vaporized liquid of the produced gas. The difference in product purity may negatively affect the user’s process wherever the gas is used in the facility. ASTI has designed and fabricated a blending system to backup large oxygen PSA generator at a glass facility in the US.

Atmosphere Control System for CVD Processes
Automatically control atmosphere flows of programmable concentrations of N2, C2H2, H2, Natural Gas & Argon for CVD processes.