General Gas Blending Module
Automate for Safety; Increased Productivity, Accuracy, and Quality.
Gas Distributors can increase productivity and lower costs to prepare gas mixtures containing N2, CO2, Argon, or Helium using ASTI's PLC-controled General Gas Blending Module. Hardware consists of add-on valves, transmitters & control enclosure. The Operator Interface terminal and PLC may be used to control more than one blending station.
Free operators for more productive tasks than watching gauges and turning valves on and off. With this general gas blending module, all 2 to 4-gas mixtures are made automatically, with data saved and transmitted to a remote location or printer automatically. Choose the PLC you want: Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, AutomationDirect, or Modicon Momentum. The menu-driven touch-screen display guides an operator thru set-up and provides all run-time information for one to four blending stations. Modems for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, factory support, additons, updates, and report data transmission are valuable options.