Nitrogen Conveying/Recycle System
Safely Convey Flammable Powders and Recycle Nitrogen Gas
ASTI has prepared for industrial use a system to safely convey aluminum powder using existing plant air and nitrogen gas. The mixed gases' oxygen composition is controlled to an operator-input set point. The nitrogen may be vaporized liquid from an existing bulk storage system, or ASTI can provide an on-site non-cryogenic nitrogen generator.
Flammable powders that are conveyed conventionally by plant air supplies will ignite if any ignition source is present. This possibility is eliminated when ASTI's nitrogen conveying and recycle system is employed to move these powders. Oxygen in the conveying medium is controlled to a desired set point by the addition of nitrogen gas that is either supplied by an existing bulk system or by a non-cryogenic generator as part of the system. As nitrogen costs more than plant air, the recycle portion of the system recovers the gas used to convey the product, cleans and re-pressurizes the gas for re-use.