Atmosphere Control System for CVD Processes
Automatically control atmosphere flows of programmable concentrations of N2, C2H2, H2, Natural Gas & Argon for CVD processes.
A purged, free-standing, dual door, dial access enclosure houses all flow control components. Shown ready for shipment from ASTI assembly point.
  • Two complete atmosphere control systems in one packaged system. Flow of each system's atmosphere may be directed to either of two use points. Separate N2 flow controls provided for manifold purging.
  • The PLC and HMI are Siemens, and the ethernet communications module allows remote communications to ASTI’s offices. (Any major PLC manufacturer can be specified). All operations are menu-driven and sequences for run preparation and controlled atmosphere shutdown are stepped through automatically to allow safe introduction and removal of atmosphere to the customer’s use points. The order of gas introduction is also configurable and saved as part of any recipe. The system has an extensive set of system setup screens & I/O monitors for troubleshooting. Data logging tracks flow rates and flammable gas pressures continuously. Logs are saved on data memory cards in CSV-formatted files that are easily transferred to a PC. While certain Global alarms are fixed, process variables each have four alarm points: low and high warnings and low and high deviations. All set points are adjustable within the range of the transducer and may be activated or disabled by an operator with suffcient security level.
  • For safety, the system is equipped with cabinet purges, fire detector, and gas detector. Inert gas valves fail open and flammable gas valves, of course, fail closed.